Road Trip Phoenix.

A few years back I decided to take Road Trip Phoenix. A drive from Phoenix to Dallas . I had taken a temporary position in Phoenix for the summer and when it was over my wife joined and we enjoyed an awesome 3 weeks exploring the area around Phoenix to see if we might like the area long term. At the end of the three weeks we loaded up our car with the things I brought with me and we headed back to Dallas.

It started to rain a bit as we stopped for lunch in Tucson. And thee traffic seem to get lighter as we got farther out of town. We didn’t think too much about it at the time. It is not uncommon to have some light rain in the fall days, and how many people would be driving that route during a week day., so we continued driving after we finished our lunch. As we drove it continued to rain and even got a little harder as we got further into the desert.

The rain just helped keep us cool as we drove through the desert, so it was making the drive much more enjoyable. When we got about an hour and a half out of Albuquerque the rain changed suddenly and it started raining rain extremely hard and we even experienced a period of hail as we continued driving. It got quite dark as the clouds obliterated the sky, even though it was only 4 PM on a September afternoon.

As the sky darkened the rain continued to pick and we could barely see the road in front of us. I was able to guide the car by following the lights in front of me and tried to keep pace with them. It did not make sense to stop as we could still navigate and we had no idea of how long it would last. If we stopped then any car coming behind us could see us with our lights off and we could not ensure that we were off of the road either.

AS we continued at a slightly lower speed the sky and the rain did not improve but we could feel the wind begin to pick up as it buffeted the car from the side. We began to question the sanity of deciding to return today, but continued forward because we didn’t see much choice at least until we reach a point where we could see where we were at.

We could see a set of hills in the distance that we were heading for and decided that once we got there it might improve or we could at least find a place to pull off. We were both very flustered by this point and our nerves were on edge. As we entered the pass through the hills the rain dissipates and actually cleared up.

As we continued down the road through Albuquerque we finally began to relax and enjoy the ride, but our nerves were still in tatters. We enjoyed the continued trip to El Paso and found a hotel where we could stop and rest for the evening. We walked over to restaurant next to the hotel and ordered a good meal, which we enjoyed as our nerves calmed down.

After we finished eating we walked back to our room and it started to sprinkle again, we rushed into the hotel before it got any worse. By the time we got to the room the rain had caught back up with us and was making quite a stir outside. We settled down and offered thanks to God for bringing the two of us safely through the day’s drive. Only he could have guide our car through that storm for so long.

The first thing we did when we got up the next morning was to check the weather from El Paso to Dallas, which called for clear and warm weather all of the way. So we got up and packed ourselves up and had breakfast so we could get an early start as we had a very long trip ahead of us to get home before nightfall. The rest of the trip was very uneventful and taught to make sure we checked out the weather before starting any long trip to ensure we weren’t surprised like that going forward. If we had checked it out. We would have seen that that was going to a rough storm as we crossed the desert that day and been able to avoid the problem,

So learn from our lesson and check the weather in front of you before starting out on a long drive, it could save you a very stressful trip. Have great trip were ever the road takes you until the next story is ready.

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